Lapsus$ ransomware group strikes software firm Globant


Laspsus$ ransomware group has revealed some details about its latest victim through its official telegram channel and Argentina-based IT and software firm Globant that has a global business presence seems to have become its latest victim.

Lapsus$ claimed that it has stolen about 70GB of Globant’s data, including the company’s software source code, and threatened the company to release more details, if it doesn’t bow down to its ransom demands.

Globant admitted the ransomware attack and acknowledged the source code steal. But the firm is still unsure how much of its data was compromised as its investigation was still underway.

Okta and Sitel are the other organizations that were hit by Lapsus$ group early this month and the former issued a press update that the incident could have affected up to 366 customers of the company.

On seeing the Lapsus$ ransomware group constantly targeting US firms, FBI has placed it on its ‘Most Wanted’ list and has investigated the group’s core members and their whereabouts with the help of other international law enforcement agencies.

Reports are in that the UK’s law enforcement agencies have arrested a 16-year-old teenager living near the Oxford University in connection with the Lapsus$ gang last week. It is believed that the youngster was connected with the Russian-speaking gang for a couple of years and was assisting them in financial transactions that take place between the criminals and the victims, on a respective note.


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