Latest developments taking place in the world of Ransomware


ProLock Ransomware which is a newly founded file-encrypting malware strain is said to be relying on a banking Trojan named Qakbot as per a report released by Cybersecurity firm Group-IB. And FBI discovered in its probe that the hackers are seen demanding $6.3 million in Bitcoins to decrypt files.

To date, the newly founded ransomware which is believed to have victimized local governments, financial, healthcare, and retail firms is said to have earned millions through its fraudulent practices and ATM provider Diebold Nixdorf happens to be one of its latest and renowned victims.

Although ProLock ransomware steals data before encrypting a victimized machine, it hasn’t published any data yet as it doesn’t have a website to publish the stolen information if in case the victim refuses to pay a ransom.

In other news related to Ransomware, the hacking group found distributing REvil or Sodinokibi malware is reported to have targeted two large food distributers in a recent attack stealing sensitive information.

California based Harvest Food Distributors and Michigan based Sherwood Food Distributors are the two companies that have been targeted and attackers are seen reportedly demanding $7.5 million as a ransom payment.

A source from Harvest reports that data such as customer cash flow analysis, sub-distributor info, insurance contracts, and invoice amounts were probably accessed and stolen by the hackers.

Both the companies were aware of the incident since May 3rd, 2020, and have security experts from Coveware to investigate the incident and mitigate the risks in advance.

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