Learn all about automated compliance in our latest webinar


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At this point, nearly every organization is held to some sort of compliance standard. Where there are customers, there are security specialists working on protecting their data in order to stay within compliance. And while most organizations agree that it’s best to automate and streamline business practices whenever possible, the idea of automating compliance is at times still met with skepticism.

Our latest webinar, “Automated Compliance. Anywhere, Anytime” delves into automated compliance practices, dispelling some of the myths, and offering advice useful to both veterans and newcomers in the space.

This webinar was led by CloudPassage compliance expert Cliff Turner, as well as the founder of the LinkedIn Information Security Community, Holger Schulze.

Recently CloudPassage was also a sponsor of the 2017 Cloud Security Spotlight Report, which was conducted in partnership with Holger Schulze. The findings in this report are touched upon at the beginning of the automated compliance webinar, as both Turner and Schulze acknowledge the growing number of organizations moving into the cloud, who will then need to update their compliance practices.

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