Los Angeles offers security app to safeguard public WiFi users


Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, shortly known as METRO in association with City of Los Angeles, are offering a security app to safeguard public Wi-Fi users from cyber threats lurking online.

“LA Secure” is the free application that is available from January 3rd,2022 and will be open to Android and iOS platforms. The app will not be useful in protecting the public transport users from rogue Wi-Fi resources that steal data, but also assists mobile device users from other lurking threats such as malware as soon as it is discovered real time.

As of now, the LA county transport authority offers web connectivity in over 2300 buses and transit stations and is planning to expand the access to more public places, to keep the consumers stay connected with their loved ones even on go.

LA Secure app will also assist consumers in protecting them from phishing links and other malicious threats such as cryptocurrency mining malware.

In the future, there is a high possibility that the said app will also secure users from mobile ransomware.

Note- Now, to those who are not aware of the threats lurking in Public Wi-Fi, here’s a gist of them.

a.) Public hotspots might help in malware distribution such as viruses, worms, espionage related tools, file encrypting malware and adware.

b.) They also act assist threat actors in propagating eavesdropping, and packet sniffing techniques along with man in the middle attacks.

c.) Login info steal, financial info steal like money from e-wallets can be stolen, and pictures and videos can also be siphoned from devices accessing public hotspots.

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