Maze Ransomware attack on MaxLinear Inc

    MaxLinear Inc has reported that it became a victim of Maze Ransomware attack on a recent note after which the hackers’ gang released some stolen information about the company on the web. The Carlsbad based silicon chip maker admitted that the attack impacted and affected some of its operational systems.


    Maze Ransomware spreading gang is one of the notorious malware spreading gangs which first steal some information from a targeted database and then encrypt it until a ransom is paid. To prove their stance on data theft, Maze releases a portion of data on its website to put pressure on the victimized company. If the victim doesn’t bow down to its demands, then it sells all the data on the dark web.


    MaxLinear says that it has reported to the law enforcement and FBI about the incident and is working with a 3rd party to recover the lost data via backups.


    More details about the Maze Ransomware attack on MaxLinear are awaited !


    Meanwhile, it has to be notified over here that the said semiconductor company recently acquired Intel’s Home Gateway Platform Division for $150 million. Trade analysts say that the deal was made by MaxLinear to develop a scalable connectivity platform for home and corporate companies. The acquisition is said to complete by the end of 2020 provided it meets all regulatory approvals and closing conditions.


    Note- The silicon chips manufactured by MaxLinear Inc are being used in set-top boxes, televisions, mobile phones, computers, terrestrial digital solutions, car video systems, netbooks, cable modems, and such.


    Naveen Goud
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