Medibank data breach serious as hackers released abortion data

Medibank data breach seems to have intensified as hackers have released 20 GB data containing names, addresses, and medical records that includes abortion details of female customers holding an insurance policy.

Those who accessed the information for analysis confirmed that the records belong to people seeking medical attention and who have sought treatments for pregnancy termination because of miscarriages, complications and negated pregnancy.

Going deep into the details, hackers claim that they have given enough time to the victim to bow down to their demands and since the insurance company failed to act-right in the specified period, leaked info is being dropped onto the dark web and might be put for sale soon.

The hackers are demanding $50 million to stop leaking the data to the web and are ready for negotiations.

However, the IT staff of Medibank are not interested in paying a ransom and have sorted other ways to deal with the situation, as there is no guaranty that the criminals will stick to their promise of returning the decryption key against ransom payment. Australia’s biggest insurance company also claimed that it is facing losses that could be anyway between $25 to $35 million Australian dollars in number.

NOTE- Hackers are claiming to leak passport numbers of customers if their demands are not met by 12th of this month.


Naveen Goud
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