Microsoft discloses some details about Windows 10 inbuilt Ransomware Protection

    In the latest security bulletin released by the American Software Giant Microsoft, it was clearly mentioned that the only Windows OS which did not bow down to the demands of Wanna cry ransomware developers/hackers was Windows 10 operating system.

    The reason, it has an inbuilt ransomware protection which keeps its users away from almost all kinds of ransomware.

    For this reason, the Redmond giant is recommending all its old operating system users to either shift to the latest Windows 10 or Win Server 2016 OS to keep themselves isolated from all future ransomware attacks such as the recent Wanna cry outbreak.

    Now, to those who would like to know some technicalities which define the ransomware protection of Win 10, here’s a synopsis gathered from what Microsoft released to the press-

    1.) Windows 10 basically offers a virtualization-based security where “Security Kernel” stops malicious codes from being loaded to the Windows Kernel. And that is being achieved with the help of Windows 10 Kernel Control Flow Guard(kCFG).

    2.) As Win 10 has a hardened kernel, it stops shellcode injections with nonexecutable and randomized kernel memory regions.

    3.) The Device Guard feature present inside the Windows Defender Antivirus helps the OS in blocking and intercepting any kind of cyber attack in initial stages. Windows defender achieves this technically by allowing only authorized apps to run after analyzing the presence of any suspicious files.

    4.) The Advanced Threat Protection feature of Windows Defender reports and provides intelligence to SecOps about any prevented attack attempts on computers in the network.

    Therefore, by disclosing some details about the Windows 10 inbuilt ransomware protection technicalities, Microsoft wants to prove that its Win 10 OS happens to be the most secure version of the operating system available at all times.

    Agree/disagree with what the computer software manufacturer is saying…?

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    Naveen Goud
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