Microsoft to turn on ransomware protection on Windows 11 and 10 OS by default


Microsoft is all set to make ransomware protection turned on by default and has announced that the new update will be rolled out to all its Win 10 users by this month’s end. The technology giant is also interested in shutting down the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) by default and made it official that the service will be shut down for 10 minutes straight if over 10 incorrect password attempts are detected- just in case of brute force attacks on RDP end nodes.

All these days, Windows 11 and Windows 10 had the ransomware protection feature in them. But it was not turned on by default, even for enterprise environments. However, the situation is going to change soon as all Win 11 machines and Win 10 systems- both desktop and servers will have the protection activated with the next security update.

Early this month, Windows blocked the access to its Office Macros as the feature is proving as a soft target to the Win systems via email attachments.

In the past few years, the American technology giant has been committed to its policy of offering utmost security to all its customers. And as a part of this strategy, the operating system developer has been offering security fixes to vulnerabilities and updates from time to time.

In coming days, the Redmond based company is thinking of providing and automated detection and response to malware and other cyber threats. Like detecting cyber attacks on an automated note, keeping a tab of the occurrences and reporting to its centralized database, after which, the threat will be detected and it will neutralize its effects.

So, will the need to use an anti-malware or threat solution be eradicated in the future?

Well, only time can give an apt answer to this question.


Naveen Goud
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