Mirai Botnet launched the DDoS attack on Minecraft Server Wynncraft


Mirai malware that is used to take control of millions of devices to launch large-scale network level attacks is back in news for launching a 2.5 Tbps on Minecraft Server Wynncraft. But as the network of the gaming services provider is protected and secured by CloudFlare, the attack module was neutralized, causing no disruptive inconvenience to the Minecraft users.

Cloudflare, a web performance and security company, revealed the news in its latest ‘DDoS Threat Report’ that included insights and trends that are being followed in the distributed denial of service attacks threat landscape in 2022.

From a bitrate standpoint, the latest denial of service attack on Minecraft Servers is the biggest in the internet’s history. But as the threat detection service was automated, the response was on time and curated.

NOTE 1– A denial of service attack or distributed denial of service attack gets engaged when a lot of botnets are indulged in generating fake web traffic, that cripples a computer network and makes it unavailable to other the actual genuine traffic. In technical terms, such attacks are initiated by humans and executed by bots.

NOTE 2- Usually, most of such attacks are state sponsored like the latest that disrupted the airlines websites of several airports in United States in October first week of this year. Russian Killnet Hacking group, funded by the Kremlin, is suspected of the incident.

NOTE 3- Cloud service providers are most vulnerable to such attacks, says a recent report compiled and released by Google.


Naveen Goud
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