Navigating the Data Privacy Maze: How DataGrail Advances Privacy Management


Data is rapidly becoming the most valuable commodity, permeating practically every aspect of life. However, with this explosion of data comes the daunting challenge of data privacy. Companies are constantly investing in a multitude of applications, each leading to a collection of vast amounts of personal information. From customer support teams to sales teams and e-commerce operations, the collection of personal data is ubiquitous.

Yet, the consumer’s expectation for transparency regarding how their information is used is steadily increasing, and in many cases manifested in legal requirements. Consumers desire control over how their personal data is used, which forces businesses to be fully aware and in control of the information they collect. This task, however, is far from simple. The sheer volume of data and applications often results in the loss of oversight, often exacerbated by corporate ‘Shadow IT’— the unauthorized use of unknown applications containing sensitive data outside of IT’s control and visibility.

Existing Solutions and Their Shortcomings

Traditional solutions to this issue have primarily been workflow-driven, with a focus on assigning responsibility to employees to declare the applications they use. However, this approach is fundamentally flawed, as it assumes all employees will comply with workflow rules and actively participate in understanding and reducing risk.

Other solutions struggle with the immense task of tracking the increasing number of applications in use. Okta’s Businesses at Work report suggests that an average user interacts with an estimated 196 applications, however Netskope’s Cloud & Threat report shows that the number could exceed 1500 distinct applications in larger organizations. Navigating this labyrinth of applications to ensure data privacy is an enormous challenge for businesses of all sizes.

DataGrail: A New Approach to Data Privacy

DataGrail, founded in 2018 emerged with an innovative solution to these data privacy challenges. The company’s mission is to provide businesses with an integrated solution that both addresses the growing concern for privacy and manages the proliferating number of business applications.

DataGrail built its solution from the ground up with a unique approach. Instead of relying on workflow or network scanning, they leverage existing ecosystems, looking at the relationships between applications. This method enables DataGrail to uncover and expose the use of different applications that may otherwise fly under the IT radar.

Unveiling Risk Intelligence

One of DataGrail’s flagship offerings is Risk Intelligence. This innovative concept is about uncovering Shadow IT and providing visibility about how businesses are collecting personal information and how it’s being used across an organization. DataGrail’s patented technology allows the platform to identify applications and the type of personal information existing within them, providing unprecedented visibility and control to organizations over their data privacy landscape.

The Integrated Approach

DataGrail differentiates itself by integrating with more than 2,000 different applications, offering a vast coverage scope. If an application contains sensitive information, like Social Security numbers or addresses, it is prioritized, helping businesses minimize the risk of unknown applications housing sensitive information.

The Road Ahead

As the digital landscape evolves and data sources continue to explode, DataGrail plans to invest in their suite of products and innovate in the data discovery and risk intelligence fields. The company is committed to expanding their ecosystem approach, keeping pace with the rapidly evolving data landscape.

In conclusion, DataGrail stands at the forefront of data privacy management, offering an integrated solution that addresses the increasing challenges posed by the digital age. Their unique approach to identifying and prioritizing risky applications, coupled with an expansive ecosystem of integrations, sets them apart in the industry.

DataGrail’s innovative Risk Intelligence not only uncovers Shadow IT but also provides organizations with an unprecedented level of visibility and control over their data privacy landscape. With their patented technology and commitment to compliance, DataGrail is pioneering a new way for businesses to navigate the data privacy maze, bridging the gap between the rising demand for transparency and the complex task of personal information management.


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