Netflix password paid sharing amuses consumers to a certain extent


From March 2023, that is within 30 days, Netflix, the world-renowned streaming service provider, is all set to enforce a ban on password sharing. As it not only blocks its revenue stream but also creates multiple security issues that hackers can easily exploit, as each account has sensitive details such as email, phone number and payment details.

Therefore, from early next month, Netflix is all set to roll out a new feature that legally allows the current subscribers to share their account passwords with their loved ones. The feature is called “Paid Sharing” that is already in operation in a few of the South American countries. It is nothing but adding of new profiles under one account, so that the same password can be shared with others at an extra cost, sans the fact on whether they belong to the same household.

All these days, one person from a household used to subscribe for the service and share the password and account details with others, say friends or other family members.

And the servers of Netflix used to identify such password sharing instances as Red Flag and used to lock their account, if their IP address and device ID did not match with profile location details of their Netflix accounts, respectively.

Now, they can continue doing the same, provided they pay an extra amount. However, the person who will use the shared credentials should live in the same region, means state or province.

UK users and consumers from America will test this new official paid sharing feature in a few days’ time and let’s hope that it will put an end to the security issued that arises otherwise.

Technically speaking, Netflix is not stopping the password sharing feature, but it is instead monetizing it. So, that its cash registers ring, thus helping the streaming service provider recover its losses to a certain extent.

NOTE- Netflix already imposed a VPN Blocking program since January 2016, thus blocking its users from accessing content from countries where its content is unavailable or not allowed for viewing, like China.


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