NetWalker ransomware spreader arrested


Those spreading NetWalker ransomware were arrested in a joint operation taken up by international law enforcement agencies aimed to bring down cyber crime against healthcare sector to a large extent. Thus, the latest operation to seize the assets of NetWalker that were involved in a cyber crime against several universities, municipalities, medicine makers involved in development of vaccine against Corona Virus; has set an example that the legal authorities will never entertain such cyber crime for long time.

In what is known to Cybersecurity Insiders, a Canadian national was arrested early this week in connection to NetWalker Ransomware spread in which over half a million dollars was pocketed by the culprit with a promise to free up the database from the file encrypting malware.

The modus operative was simple, the arrested individual based in Florida used to compromise a victim’s network with malware and deploy a ransom note. Then they used to ask the victim to establish a communication stream via TOR network to transfer the demanded amount.

Named Sebastian Vachon Desjardins, the Canadian National, was charged with six indictments of obtaining $27.9 million currency by fraudulent means by spreading NetWalker malware to several computer networks.

Thus, with the latest arrest, the Department of Justice has clarified that it will not take cyber crime lightly.

The recent arrest from Florida is the third besides the previous 2 that saw the arrest of 2 culprits spreading NetWalker Ransomware on January 10th, 2021, and making money worth $454,530 in cryptocurrency.

Note- The arrest was made under full supervision of Cyber Cops from FBI, and the entire infrastructure of Emotet was also seized in the operation launched in the coordination with European Union Police and Two Hague based security agencies.

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