New Zealand based Vetent hit by a Ransomware attack


Vetent, a New Zealand based Veterinary Hospital chain is said to have become a victim of Ransomware attack on Saturday last week. And according to a spokesperson from Gisborne Branch, the cyber attack has impacted the Central database of the healthcare organization blocking the digital access to the entire chain of animal clinics located across the country.

The statement released by the Veterinary Enterprises Group Limited(Vetent) says that the cyber incident has blocked entire access to the files, email accounts, and customer database. However, the communication systems remained unaffected by the incident.

Vetent Marketing Coordinator Anita Burton confirmed that there was a ransomware attack on the company database. Ms. Burton added that until the services are restored, telephone calls and pen & paper services will be used to book appointments.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the ransomware attack took place on Saturday night at 11 PM and the staff of the animal welfare organization took a note of it at 10 am next morning(i.e Sunday).

The staff of Vetent is working non-stop to regain access to the database via backups and said that restoration of the data of pets and livestock will be their first priority.

Note- Vetent is one of the largest animal healthcare company known to harness the combined power of breakthrough technology and trusted expertise to enhance the health of wild and domesticated animals across New Zealand. The said business has a staff count of 230 including 75 vets spread across 20 clinics nationwide.

Naveen Goud
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