NHS COVID 19 tracker app users are vulnerable to banking scams


NHS app titled NSHX meant to test, track, and trace contacts related to Corona Virus in the UK is coming under sharp criticism for offering scammers a vulnerability scope to exploit users. Reports are in that fraudsters are exploiting vulnerable and elderly victims by tricking them to submit personal information.


A research carried out by Moneymail, a subsidiary of news resource Dailymail says that fraudsters are seen impersonating NHS numbers and calling NSHX users, especially, elderly people from the Isle of Wright and foxing them to submit sensitive details by telling them that they have come into contact with an infected person and have to pay £50 for the Corona Virus test kit. And what’s interesting in this scam is that the fraudster is pleading the victims to submit their debit card numbers so that the entire process becomes hassle-free. 


The number which is being used is 0300 and as it doesn’t accept incoming calls, people re-calling it are assuming it as a genuine number


Note 1- In reality, NHS has assigned the series 0300-3112233 as a helpline number to contact thousands of people under the test and trace program to contain the spread of the Coronavirus spread. And as people are getting phone calls from the same series, NSHX users are being tricked to divulge personal details which can further lead to scams related to bank accounts.


Note 2- All test kits are being offered for free to NSHX users and so app users need to worry about the costs involved in the testing procedure.


Note 3- Helpline number spoofing is not a big trick for fraudsters as it can be done by software & service which is available on the dark web.


Note 4- NHS has been insisting repeatedly that the 0300 is dedicated to Corona Virus testing and treatment service and will only be used by the staff.


Note- 5- In case you receive a call and you suspect it is a fraudulent call, ask for an email or a text message which should point your to a https://contact-tracing.phe.gov.uk website and this is an official web link which cannot be spoofed that easily.


Note 6- If you see a different address in the link, close the window and report to the law enforcement if possible. In general, those calling from the assigned number will be providing you with an account ID number during the call or in the email conversation.

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