NHS IT systems under disruption threat due to cyber attack on Capita


Capita, an internationally acclaimed business processing & outsourcing firm, is experiencing a sudden halt in the operations of its IT services and suspects a cyber attack behind the disruption. However, the company is yet to reveal it on an official note and assured that it will definitely do so after a detailed investigation gets completed.

Those from the company and familiar with the incident state that the incident could be the work of a ransomware gang or some notorious group operating on the funds of Russian intelligence GRU.

But as they are still busy gathering evidence, they are not in a position to make it official.

As Capita manages IT services for NHS, and the British Army and also conducts annual IT maintenance at the British Submarine Training Centre, and the Ministry of Defense. The IT disruption can lead to service failure at the said government agencies, prompting the government to take serious steps to mitigate the risks associated with the attack.

Apart from the above-stated services, the company also looks after the digital operations of London’s Road Charging system, and the Department of Work and Pensions disability.

Currently, email systems and phone lines are not operating and so the staff is resorting to the usage of radios, pens & paper to cater to the regular admin needs of the company.

National Cyber Security Centre, the cabinet office, and the intelligence had been alerted about the cyber incident and they have started an independent probe, respectively.

NOTE- Apart from the UK, Capita also has its business presence in Asia, Africa, and Europe and is now listed on the London Stock Exchange.


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