Nine cyber-attack news headlines trending on Google

1.) From the past few hours, a news piece related to Wi-Fi vulnerability on Android phones is doing rounds on the internet and security analysts state that the threat could be larger than what is being projected. A TikTok star(tatechtips) having fascination towards technology has revealed in one of his videos that just by turning of Wi-Fi feature on an android phone doesn’t save from prying eyes. As even when the feature is turned on, the device is constantly sending requests to get Wi-Fi, as it is seen constantly running in the background scanning for networks.

2.) Second is the news related to Baton Rouge General Health System (GHS), a healthcare service provider that disclosed yesterday that it was hit by a cyber attack in June this year leaking patient details to hackers.

GHS confirmed the incident took place on June 28th,2022 and concluded that an unauthorized access took place on its servers leaking patient data to hackers and locking down the systems with encryption- meaning it was a ransomware attack.

3.) Third is the news related to Napa Valley College, which released a press statement admitting a ransomware attack. Preliminary inquiries revealed the ransomware attack propelled breach resulted in the leak of names, social security numbers and some student details that might lead to identify thefts and other kind of cyber frauds.

4.) Baker & Taylor, the largest distributor of books and study material worldwide, has admitted that it became a victim of a ransomware attack on August 23rd,2022 and the outage affected offices, service centers and phone lines.

The library having a history of existing in business from the past 100+ years is busy in restoring the services and is confident that it can recover easily from the malware incident as it has an efficient business continuity plan.

5.) The other news that is trending is related to the midterm elections that are on the way shortly. Citing security reasons, the US Cyber Command has joined hands with the NSA to curb fake news spread and to block any hacking efforts during and before the upcoming midterm elections scheduled at the end of November this year.

Thus, the Election Security Group (ESG) will function under the US Cyber Command and NSA to conduct upcoming elections smoothly, with no interference from adversaries.

6.) Sixth is the news related to a penalty imposed by the California’s Consumer Privacy court. Rob Bonta, the state’s attorney general, imposed a $1.2 million penalty on cosmetics giant Sephora for selling personal info of its customers to third parties without informing them in prior. The court pronounced the statement after reviewing the evidence that the company sold the information such as shopping contents, precise location and devices used by customers for a lucrative price.

7.) Group IB, a security firm by profession, has discovered that a new phishing campaign is targeting Okta Identity Credentials of those victims, mainly in Canada, UK and United States. And the affected companies are mostly from IT and software development sector.

8.) LastPass, a password management firm having about 33 million global users, has revealed that it leaked some sensitive details pertaining to the company in a security incident that took place on August 15th of this year. So, it is urging all its users to change their passwords ASAP and is probing further on whether the criminals had access to the master password/s.

9.) On the occasion of World Video Game Day, CheckPoint researchers have revealed that almost all gamers across the world are on the verge of being hacked to steal games from inventory, to gain access to the device from the user is playing and to conduct identity thefts and bank frauds. So, the company has issued an advisory for gamers to stay away from phishing links, be cautious about false promises and to implement a 2FA in order to stay well protected.


Naveen Goud
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