Now SolarWinds hacker gets hacked

All these details we have seen many speculations in the media about the SolarWinds hack .But now a new story has emerged in Bloomberg where a Swiss firm claims to hack the hacker who launched the SolarWinds hack.

Prodaft, a security firm based in Switzerland is said to have infiltrated the server that was used by the hacker and carried out some intense operation on how the threat actor carried out the operation and how successful he/she/they were till date in their aim, respectively.

What’s surprising about this whole incident is that Prodaft mentioned nowhere in its report that the attack was launched by a state funded hacker from Russia or never mentioned that Kremlin as the culprit behind the SolarWinds Orion hack.

However, it is mentioned in the report that the hacking organizations could be a part of APT Group aka Advanced Persistent Threat group belonging to a powerful nation from Asia.

All we know is that the SolarWinds attack was launched by a hacking group named SilverFish and their aim was to spy and steal data of their victims.

Investigations of Prodaft revealed SilverFish breached networks of over 4,000 companies that include private and public entities operating across Europe and United States.

FBI declined to comment on the findings disclosed by Prodaft. But they stated they are in contact with the security researchers of the company and a separate probe could be on the cards soon.

MalwareBytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski stated the report as ‘Sound’ and added that over one hacking group could be behind the SolarWinds hack Microsoft.

Naveen Goud
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