OpenAI CEO concerned that ChatGPT could compromise US elections 2024


OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has expressed his concerns to the Senate that the use of AI without any limitations is a big cause for concern regarding the integrity of election processing to be held in November 2024.

ChatGPT is turning into a significant area of concern as it evolves, said Sam in a briefing to the congressional committee inquiring about the boundless use of technology in related fields.

Altman’s company was the developer of ChatGPT, which is now owned and developed by Microsoft to power its Bing search engine. However, things seem to be going out of control as the technology is being used to cause societal harm and spread misinformation, posing a serious threat with the potential to end humanity.

Adding fuel to the fire are fears that the artificial intelligence technology could become self-aware soon, as GPT-4 has started displaying human-like reasoning in its latest assessment trial.

For instance, the machine learning tool was given a task on how to arrange eggs, books, a laptop, and a nail in a stable manner. The prompt was given to Bing’s chat feature, and the system proved excellent in its communication by offering tips on arranging items, such as eggs without breaking them, stacking books, placing a laptop and a bottle on a table, and positioning a nail securely.

The work was conducted in a professional manner, leading researchers from the Windows OS-producing giant to claim that it could become uncontrollable for humans—a phase named ‘Singularity’ predicted to occur by the year 2045.

So, will AI technology do more harm than good in the future?

Well, not necessarily, as it all depends on the minds of humans who are dealing with it or integrating it into their daily lives. If they use it for a good cause, it can bring them double benefits, like its current use in healthcare. However, if they use it to cause harm, it could wipe out humanity forever, as depicted in movies like Terminator and the Indian movie Robo, where the bad guys manipulate the robot to devastate the world by implanting evil commands into its chip.

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