Oracle launches cloud accelerator program for startups

American Multinational Technology Company Oracle has opened up a cloud accelerator program for startups in Tel Aviv, Israel. The program will nurture startups that use cloud technology for six months each, giving them free access to Cloud services, Workspace and access to mentoring to Oracle’s cloud-based product portfolio. 

The criterion for Startups to join the Cloud Accelerator program of Oracle is that they must be in business for at least six months.

Oracle’s only hope with this accelerator program is to identify innovators who can take the cloud computing technology to next level by offering them the required resources and support when they need it most.

Earlier, Oracle launched the program in India to grab the attention of cloud technology startups in Asia.

Now, Oracle has an intention to focus on the Middle East and so has launched a similar such a program in Israel.

As Israel happens to be a hub for companies offering cloud security services, California-based Oracle Company hopes to see a large scale development with its accelerator program in the said segment.

Oracle already has a great R&D team of engineers around the world and wants to identify new talent with its latest program. Based on the performance of its Israeli Program, Oracle is aiming to recruit around 120 best candidates in this program.

Thus, Oracle is not only aiming to develop startups with its ongoing cloud accelerator program but wants to gain new talent in the said segment.

Note- Cloud Computing is a practice of using a computing network located remotely to carry on physical infrastructure operations.

In past couple of years, oracle has shown extreme enthusiasm towards the software-as-a-service market. It is in a process to dethrone cloud market leaders like Microsoft and Amazon in the said segment.

However, trade analysts say that Amazon Web Services is leading the cloud market with Microsoft strictly following it and Google coming as its next. Oracle stands fourth in the market position of cloud computing market.

Naveen Goud
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