Passwords – Safety and Other Things to Remember

Staying safe in the virtual world is challenging. Unauthorized access has become a major problem in handling technological products, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. The regular break-ins cases are rising. The loss of important data inflicts the same pain as a home burglary. These cybercrimes are punishable but can be prevented. Scroll down to learn more about the passwords.

Why choose a strong password?

Passwords are of utmost importance. However, while choosing it, not many of you think twice. You keep the simplest one that is easy to memorize. Undoubtedly, remembering a password is difficult. This doesn’t justify the selection of easy and predictable passwords. Perhaps that is why macOS Catalina Safari offers you password warnings. Further, any type of online fraudulent activities can be executed by accessing your passwords. There are many types of methods applied by cybercriminals.

Password managers have also become very popular recently. They help you generate and safely store your newly created passwords which in turn will give your accounts a great boost in security.

Here are some of the attack techniques that hackers use:


Oldest yet the easiest, Keyloggers are a threat that you cannot ignore. In this, a certain type of software has applied that records the keystrokes of a user. After these are recorded then this information is sent to a third party. This way even decoding complex or long passwords becomes simple to crack.


One of the most common types of threats to your passwords is Phishing. This is a cyber threat that involves acquiring the correct password from the source itself. For instance, you are using a credit card and the relevant information about it is known to you. Now, a person will call you and ask you to share the password. Nothing is done at the gunpoint. Instead, you will willingly share your password because the hacker persuades you to do so.

Brute Force

This is a simple way to know the password of a user. Attackers here are not intruders. Instead, they try to If the intruder cannot obtain the password then he can simply use a program to create a list of possible passwords with the help of a software. It is a trial and error method where each predicted option is used until one hits the bull eye.

Reuse of Passwords

Usually, people reuse the same password multiple times. Whenever you see this guide of the problem then it shows you how difficult it is to manage. The best way is to keep different passwords for your personal and professional systems.  The other way is to select such systems that inform you when your secret code has been compromised.

How to Select a Secure Password?

You can ensure the security of your password by adhering to the following points:

  • Always use a complex password
  • Never keep it short
  • Use more than 8 characters
  • Always include upper-case and lower-case
  • Use a combination of letters and characters
  • Avoid using the same password on different devices


If you think passwords are inconvenient, then you are not the only one who thinks like this. However, this doesn’t diminish its importance. It is sacred and you need to determine that it doesn’t get leaked to the hackers.


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