Phishing attacks on Revolut and American Airlines leads to data breached

    Revolut that offers payment processing technology was targeted by a phishing attack recently, leading to data breach of thousands of customers from Lithuania and Europe. The company issued a press statement that only 0.3% of its customers became targets to the sophisticated attack that took place on its servers on Sept 10th of this year.

    Estimates are in that about 32,000 customers might have become targets to the digital attacks that lead to their information steal.

    Confirmed sources suggest the data breach occurred from a phishing attack that could have taken place in August this year.

    Coming to the attack that took place on American Airlines, an official statement from the airliner says that a sophisticated digital attack resulted in the leak of details such as customer info, birthday info, mailing and email addresses, medical data, phone and driving licenses.

    But the good news is that the attack and data breach took place in June 2022 and there is no evidence of misuse of stolen information till date.

    Previously, a similar data leak took place on the servers of American Airlines in March 2021 and the business is apparently facing a lawsuit from a high-profile customer.

    NOTE- Phishing is a kind of cyber attack where hackers try fraudulent communication methods such as SMS and emails to retrieve personal information from employees like login credentials and then use the stolen data to conduct identity theft. Using a multi-layer protection, and creating awareness among employees to never click on email and sms links sent by unknown senders is the only option to curtail such issues.


    Naveen Goud
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