Pioneering Application Security: AI Meets Human Intelligence – Insights from an Interview with ImmuniWeb’s Dr. Ilia Kolochenko


With a growing dependency on digital platforms, cybersecurity has become a pressing concern for businesses worldwide. At the forefront of the battle against cyber threats is ImmuniWeb SA, a global application security company based in Geneva, Switzerland. Since its inception in 2019, ImmuniWeb has demonstrated rapid growth, serving over 1,000 clients from more than 50 countries and boasting a 90% customer retention rate.

As Dr. Ilia Kolochenko, Chief Architect & CEO of ImmuniWeb, explains, “Our mission is to enhance organizations’ cybersecurity posture by identifying, understanding, and rectifying their network and application vulnerabilities, as well as third-party risks. We aim to proactively protect their web and mobile applications, APIs, microservices, cloud and network infrastructure, and third-party systems processing corporate data.”

AI and Machine Learning: The ImmuniWeb Difference

ImmuniWeb distinguishes itself in the cybersecurity landscape through its innovative combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence, or ‘HI+AI’. This unique fusion not only optimizes task performance speed but also enhances accuracy in vulnerability detection and encourages intelligent automation.

As Dr. Kolochenko elaborates, “We use numerous machine learning models trained on real penetration testing to improve accuracy and speed in vulnerability detection, saving the costs of our customers by intelligent automation. This integration allows us to perform tasks faster and more efficiently than human beings alone, eliminating false positives, minimizing false negatives and providing our clients with an unparalleled level of insight into their cybersecurity posture.” ImmuniWeb’s innovative use of technology has garnered industry recognition, earning awards such as the Gartner Cool Vendor, IDC Innovator, and several trophies of SC Awards Europe the most recent from 2023.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions for Applications

With 20 award-winning solutions under its belt, ImmuniWeb offers services covering 20 distinct use cases related to cybersecurity, compliance, and privacy. This comprehensive approach allows ImmuniWeb to provide a robust defense against cyber threats throughout the entire application lifecycle.

“ImmuniWeb’s AI Platform uncovers sophisticated vulnerabilities and provides actionable remediation advice to software developers,” says Dr. Kolochenko, underlining the comprehensive and strategic approach that the company takes towards application security.

Democratizing Cybersecurity and Contributing to Industry Development

Committed to making cybersecurity accessible to all, ImmuniWeb offers a free Community Edition that currently runs over 100,000 daily tests, allowing SMEs, universities, and municipal governments to test their cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance at no cost. Beyond commercial activities, ImmuniWeb contributes to the sustainable development of the cybersecurity industry through strategic partnerships with global entities like the UN ITU, CyberPeace Institute, national CERTs, and law enforcement agencies.

Staying Ahead of Cyber Threats: The Future of ImmuniWeb

As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, so too does ImmuniWeb. With a focus on refining AI capabilities to improve accessibility and effectiveness of cybersecurity, ImmuniWeb is poised to stay ahead of emerging threats. “Our focus is on refining our AI capabilities to make cybersecurity more accessible and effective for organizations worldwide,” concludes Dr. Kolochenko.


In the face of ever-evolving cyber threats, ImmuniWeb offers a robust and reliable platform for organizations seeking to secure their applications and data. By combining advanced AI and machine learning with comprehensive service solutions, and an unwavering commitment to industry development and accessibility, ImmuniWeb emerges as a powerful ally in the global fight against cyber threats.


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