2022 AWS Cloud Security Report [Fidelis]

Cloud environments are increasingly complex, while threats continually evolve. This trend makes simplified cybersecurity imperative to meet both operations and compliance requirements. To close security gaps, organizations are looking for unified cybersecurity platforms to better manage complexity and maintain both visibility and control.

The 2022 AWS Cloud Security Report is based on a comprehensive survey of 578 cybersecurity professionals to reveal how AWS user organizations are responding to evolving cloud security threats, and what tools and best practices cybersecurity leaders prioritize as their cloud infrastructures mature.

Key survey findings include:

• Virtually all organizations in our survey have some public cloud footprint. While AWS is still the predominant cloud provider, a majority of organizations (87%) use two or more cloud providers.

• More than two of three organizations (67%) use between three to six different dashboards to configure cloud security policies, significantly increasing the cost and complexity of managing security across multi-cloud environments.

• Ninety-five percent of organizations agree that it would be helpful to have a single cloud security platform with a single dashboard to configure all policies needed to consistently and comprehensively protect data across their cloud footprint.

• Eighty-one percent of organizations have an intermediate to leading cloud maturity level. However, despite this growing maturity level with the cloud, consistent with previous years, 95% of security professionals are moderate to extremely concerned about the security of public clouds, signaling a need for adoption of better security tools and practices.

• Fifty-eight percent of organizations state that they will deploy a new cloud security solution in the coming year.

We would like to thank Fidelis Cybersecurity for supporting this important research.

We hope you find this report informative and helpful as you continue your efforts in securing your journey into the cloud.

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