2022 Cloud Security Report [(ISC)2]

Cloud adoption is continuing to increase at a high rate. However, cloud technology is becoming more complex, and finding people with the right skills to ensure workloads in the cloud are deployed and secured continues to be a top concern.

This year’s Cloud Security Report is one of the most comprehensive studies on cloud trends and the role security plays as organizations accelerate their transformation to the cloud.

Key findings include:

• Today, 39% of respondents have more than half of their workloads in the cloud, while 58% plan to make this shift in the next 12-18 months.

• More than a quarter (76%) of organizations are utilizing two or more cloud providers. Most organizations (72%) have a hybrid or multi-cloud deployment strategy.

• 78% claim traditional security solutions either don’t work at all or have limited functionality in cloud environments.

• 93% of those polled are moderately to extremely concerned about the massive skills shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals.

• 52% said the main barrier to migrating to cloud-based security solutions is lack of staff expertise and 57% said this lack of staff expertise makes cloud compliance challenging.

• Lack of staff expertise even prevents 40% from adopting cloud solutions for their organizations. The good news is that 83% believe their teams would benefit from cloud security training and/or certification. 56% feel that cloud security skills are the most important expertise their organizations need.

We would like to thank (ISC)2 for supporting this unique research. We hope you enjoy this report.

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