2022 Ransomware & Malware Report [Bitglass]

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Malware and ransomware continue to wreak havoc as some of the most destructive security threats affecting organizations of all sizes, from SMBs to large enterprises and government agencies.

Malware is continuously evolving, and organizations are facing significant challenges in responding to the threat and protecting their IT environments against new types of viruses, worms, spyware, ransomware, and crypto-jacking malware.

This 2022 Ransomware & Malware Report was produced by Cybersecurity Insiders and Bitglass, a Forcepoint company, to reveal the latest malware security trends, challenges, and investment priorities. Key findings include:

• A majority of cyber professionals (55%) see malware and ransomware as an “extreme” threat that is not expected to diminish anytime soon. In the next 12 months, 75% of respondents believe malware and ransomware will become a larger threat to their organization.

• Three of the top five ramifications of a malware or ransomware attack negatively affect the bottom line: Productivity loss (52%), system downtime (38%) and revenue loss (27%).

• In response to ransomware attacks, organizations either take an isolation approach (72%) or proactively shut down systems (50%) to thwart an ongoing attack.

• We asked organizations how they are currently protecting against ransomware attacks. Over half (55%) of respondents back up critical files and data. Only about a third (29%) have implemented a zero trust architecture.

We hope you find this report informative and helpful as you continue your efforts in protecting your organization against evolving threats.

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