2022 Security Visibility Report [Cisco]

As more network traffic from remote users and across data centers, locations, and cloud stacks is encrypted, enterprise IT administrators have increasingly limited visibility into what is happening inside and outside the network. This lack of visibility into security threats is a critical issue for cybersecurity teams, as it degrades the ability to protect systems, identities, applications, and workloads against advanced threats.

This 2022 Security Visibility Report surveyed 278 cybersecurity professionals to reveal the key challenges regarding security visibility, how organizations solve this issue, and the security capabilities organizations prioritize.

Key findings include:

• The biggest visibility challenge for cybersecurity teams is to tell which vulnerabilities are real threats and which will never be exploited by adversaries (41%). This obstacle is closely followed by insufficient visibility into network traffic, especially when that traffic is encrypted (38%).

• The biggest gaps in network visibility are seen in workload traffic (54%), followed by SaaS apps (45%), network-connected devices (42%), and encrypted traffic (35%).

Many thanks to Cisco for supporting this important research project. We hope this report is informative and helpful as you continue your efforts to protect your IT environments.

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