2022 XDR Report [Red Piranha]

Evolving security threats, exponential data growth, increased complexity, and a continuing cybersecurity skill shortage has given rise to a new category of security solutions called Extended Detection and Response (XDR). XDR solutions focus on providing technology integration between data sources and security operations to help accelerate detection and response by revealing threats, risks, and attacks that are highly sophisticated or hidden.

Red Piranha has emerged as one of the leaders in the XDR category. Their Crystal Eye platform is one of the first XDR solutions on the market, and offers the convergence of multiple security controls and workflows into a single platform to enhance security operations capabilities.

Red Piranha and Cybersecurity Insiders conducted a comprehensive survey to reveal the latest XDR trends and challenges in managing XDR, what XDR might replace, and how organizations select security technologies and providers.

Key findings include:

• When asked about the most critical security risks tomitigate, organizations see ransomware (79%), network intrusions (72%) and phishing attacks (66%) as the top prioriti s.

• Among the many challenges organizations are experiencing, the problem of not having enough
experienced security staff and skills stands out (79%), followed by insufficient integration (72%) and lack of automation (66%).

• Organizations are looking for XDR to address a variety of challenges: contextualizing and correlating endpoint, network, cloud, identity, user behavior, and email data tops the list of challenges (64%), followed by automation of investigation and remediation (59%).

We want to thank Red Piranha for supporting this important industry research. We hope you find this report informative and helpful as you continue your efforts to protect your organizations against evolving threats.

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