2023 Cloud Security Report [Trend Micro]

As more organizations adopt cloud computing (including multi-cloud), they face various cybersecurity challenges, including lack of control, limited visibility, and an ongoing skills gap – all hindering faster and more effective adoption of cloud technologies.

The 2023 Cloud Security Report is a comprehensive study based on an extensive survey conducted among 351 cybersecurity professionals in the European Union (EU). By analyzing the latest trends in cloud adoption, identifying prevalent security challenges, and highlighting best practices, this report provides insights for organizations seeking to fortify their cloud environments.

Key findings from the report shed light on the current landscape:

• Many organizations are migrating their workloads to the cloud, with 39% of respondents having already moved over half of their workloads. Moreover, 62% of organizations plan to achieve this milestone within 12-18 months.

• The complexity of multi-cloud environments introduces considerable challenges when securing cloud workloads. Key concerns include the need for proficient employee skills to deploy and manage comprehensive solutions across diverse cloud environments (61%), ensuring data protection and privacy for each environment (59%), and addressing the loss of visibility and control (47%).

• Misconfigurations (32%), malware/ransomware (16%), compromised accounts (16%), and vulnerabilities in the underlying app infrastructure (12%) are the most concerning vectors for data leakage in the cloud.

• The primary drivers for considering cloud-based security solutions include enhanced scalability (54%), accelerated time to deployment (52%), and reduced effort in managing patches and upgrades (51%). Cost savings (41%) and meeting cloud compliance expectations (37%) also influence cloud security adoption.

• When evaluating cloud security solutions, cost emerges as the most important criterion, with 62% of respondents prioritizing it. Other factors include manageability (55%), product features/functionality (52%), product performance and effectiveness (51%), integrations with other security solutions (49%), support (46%), and vendor experience and reputation (44%).

We thank Trend Micro for supporting this important industry research project. We hope you’ll find this report informative and helpful as you continue your efforts to secure your organization’s cloud journey against evolving threats.

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