Myth vs. Fact in Network Security Architectures — How To Leverage True Zero Trust

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The term “zero trust” is everywhere, but it is more than just a buzz word. Sorting through the hype to know if your cybersecurity architecture is ‘true’ zero trust can make your head spin. Most of the zero trust players still utilize default/allow architectures and the definition of the zero-trust security model is not trusting by default, so a default/deny architecture is needed.

Join cybersecurity experts Jay Sawyer Senior Security Architect, Tempered, and Holger Schulze, Founder and CEO, Cybersecurity Insiders, for a webinar to sort through the myth’s and facts that create zero trust solutions. During the webinar you will learn how you can reduce your attack surface and risks by knowing the difference. We will also discuss:

• The difference between zero trust and non-zero trust solutions
• How to easily adopt a true zero trust architecture
• Why trust then verify (default/allow) is no longer the best option for cybersecurity
• How to control and protect data transferred in and out of your organization
• Ways to reduce attack surface to secure critical infrastructure and IoT deployments

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