The 3 Essential Keys to Secure Saas Platforms and Data


SaaS platforms, like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce, are critical parts of your business. In addition to providing productivity, they are increasingly holding more and more sensitive data.

How can you ensure your data remains inside the platform while also ensuring the platform enables data security? These platforms are difficult to deploy and administer, and risky behavior from users puts your data at increased risk.

Join cybersecurity experts Salah Nassar (Sr Director Product Marketing, Zscaler), Steve Grossenbacher (Director Product Marketing, Zscaler), and Holger Schulze (Founder and CEO, Cybersecurity Insiders) to learn best practices on how to increase your data security in this new cloud and mobile world. Our discussion will include:

– Why you need a unified Security Service Edge to control your data and platforms

– How to best secure the complete lifecycle of your SaaS Platforms

– How to ensure sensitive data in motion and at rest always remains secure.

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