Post-Pandemic Cybersecurity: What’s Going to Change?

It’s the final quarter of the year. Instead of lingering on the effects of COVID-19, we should be focusing on the year ahead. The business impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt across most, if not all industries, and considering that people are forced to stay at home unless they have essential tasks to fulfill, the internet has become the most essential piece of technology that has helped us get through the past few months.

However, as with all pieces of technology, the internet is merely a tool, and like any tool, it can be used to help, and it can also be used to harm. The fact that cybercrime numbers have spiked in recent months is a testament to this. 

Why We Need to Prepare

Those who are able to prepare are going to be far better equipped to move around a post-pandemic world. Knowing how things are going to change will help us make the proper adjustment to solidify our security measures. If it isn’t already apparent, there is a real need for businesses to pay more attention to their cybersecurity team.

Increased Risk

Our increased reliance on the internet made a lot of people vulnerable to cyberattacks. The fact that there has also been a spike in the number of startups makes the internet especially lucrative for criminals. While things are gradually getting better, the eventuality of a major recession should be one that we account for. People are bound to get more desperate, and criminals are bound to become bolder.

An Increased Demand for Professionals and Tools

The more people are made aware of the increased risks, the more demand there will be for cybersecurity experts and tools like and antimalware suites. This is especially true when the attacks become more complex. The fact that many companies have to adopt a remote work setup also creates cybersecurity problems for these companies.

Even now, cybersecurity specialists are in high demand, but there are too few of them. If anything, the pandemic has revealed the poor cybersecurity practices of many companies, and this has started ripples of change in the cybersecurity industry, that, even when cybersecurity measures don’t add to a company’s profit, they are a great investment in that they save businesses a lot of money and heartache.

Proactive Cybersecurity

As cyber crimes get reported on mainstream media more often, companies are more incentivized into avoiding becoming the next victim on the news reports. This pushes companies to take preventive measures by searching for vulnerabilities in their systems. Most businesses already have reactive cybersecurity measures in place. But, any sound-minded business owner is going to want all the reassurance he can get.

The road ahead is unclear, but what is clear is that the threat posed by cybercriminals has never been as bad and as prevalent as it is today. The ironic thing is that the high cybercrime rate is also what’s likely to spur companies to take a better look at cybersecurity, which, in turn, will mean more investments, and more growth in the industry.


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