Predictive Analytics could help counter Ransomware Cyber Threats


Ransomware has become a dreaded menace to both businesses and users of personal computers. Reason- the said malware not only helps hackers in holding technology as a hostage but also helps the cyber crooks in stealing valuable info which could trigger instant privacy concerns.

Experts say that Predictive Analytics(PA) may prove as the best answer to curbing ransomware related cyber threats to the core. And that’s due to the following points-

PA has a good track record- Although we are treating Predictive Analytics as new technology to combat cyber threats, US Military has already been using it from past two years to combat cyber threats in the defense world.

Very recently, Wikileaks has disclosed in Vault 7 that certain cyber units of United States Military and Defense sector have been using massive amounts of data in order to make better and more informed decisions about possible attacks from foreign nations such as Russia and North Korea.

Furthermore, the cyber units are also training themselves to counter any kind of cyber threat posing from different state funded actors by sieving data related to past military engagements, social and economic factors and other info.

In a recent media conference, just when Mr. James Comey left the office, James Mattis, the Secretary of Defense admitted that the military of United States has the capability to thwart any kind of cyber attack- all thanks to the availability of sophisticated technologies like Predictive Analytics.

Predictive Analytics stops the problem before it starts-Traditionally, all anti-virus programs treat the problem after it has already infected the user’s PC. Though most of these solutions have some preventive measures, they often rely on users intelligence to avoid viruses and hacking programs. But in the case of PA, with minimal human interference, users and companies can clearly steer through all potential threats which can be posed by ransomware.

Predictive Analytics can be used on large and complicated systems- The best part of PA is that it can be used on large networks as it has the ability to sieve through massive amounts of data with ease for analytics. And once the analysis is done by the software, the work of the IT employees starts from there, who can further analyze and differentiate essential data forms and ensure that the company, department or an individual is safe against all ransomware threats.

Can prove as the best answer to ever evolving ransomware threat- Till a decade ago, only a few people knew about malware variants such as ransomware. But from the past couple of years or specifically speaking from May 12th,2017 almost the whole digital world understood what a ransomware is and what it can do.

So, obviously, people will try to stop the effects of ransomware in future. And ransomware developers will try their best to overcome such defenses.

Here’s when Predictive analytics can help curb the evolving menace of ransomware by predicting what sorts of evolution may occur in the field of ransomware. This could, in fact, help us avoid the next generation of ransomware or other malware in cyber space.

Finally, Cybersecurity Insiders would like to conclude that government departments and private companies can mitigate the risks of ransomware by investing on solutions related to predictive analytics now and in near future. Because the technology not only helps in exploring exploiting eventualities but also helps companies solve a more complex problem that threatens the entire cyber security landscape related to a company’s digital assets.

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Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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