Prince Harry spills beans on Daily Mirror Phone Hacking story


While the world media was busy covering the Coronation ceremony of the Royal King Charles III of Britain, a separate story was circulating online regarding the phone hacking of Prince Harry.

According to a statement released by the prince, a certain section of the media, and mainly the news resource Daily Mirror, was deeply interested in his personal life and so hacked into his phone to steal valuable information that could earn them web traffic in millions.

However, Daily Mirror quashed the news and said that the hacking story of the prince’s phone was false and was made up by the staff who tactically learned it from the fellow members of the Royal Family. The news resource even went ahead by stating that most of the leaked-out material was spoken by Prince Harry in an interview that earned millions in return.

After hearing the version of the parent company of the Sunday Mirror, the Duke of Sussex is willing to sue the publisher for unlawfully gathering information from a phone device as he wants to learn the facts of his life.

In the first hearing, the Mirror Group publisher told the judge that the stories were leaked to the press from the other royal members and the palace courtiers, and some of the gathered info was from the interview given by Harry that has been recorded live and is available on public platforms such as Dailymotion and YouTube.

The duke is yet to appear in the witness box scheduled for some time next month.

Journalists from the Mirror Group also allege a conspiracy against the prince in this whole phone hacking story. They claim that some kind of strong influence is being made on the case by a royal member/group that is behind the image tarnishing of the royal who is now residing in the United States along with his wife Meghan Markle and kids. They had some issues with the way their life was heading and so decided to let go of their royal life and are leading a little more than a simple life in California, United States.

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