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Today, we are reviewing Event Manager, a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution offered by HelpSystems that provides security teams with the most crucial information about what is putting their IT environment at risk the moment it becomes available.

While most SIEMs are geared toward larger enterprises, Event Manager provides a SIEM for any size of organization, from SMBs to large enterprises. Event Manager evolves with an organization, scaling as needed in order to suit its individual needs.

Regardless of an organization’s size, its network is constantly creating data, generating a vast amount of security notifications. Without the ability to determine the difference between a meaningless security event and a true threat, security teams can unknowingly waste time investigating harmless events, while actual security breaches go unchecked. This makes breaches harder to contain, more expensive, and time consuming to recover from.

Event Manager logs, correlates, and prioritizes events as they occur, and then translates the data into a common, easy-to-understand format. This simplifies detection of any suspicious user activity or changes to security configuration, saving organizations time, while increasing protection.

Event Manager also allows organizations to take even earlier proactive measures against threats. The ability to monitor employee behavior enables security analysts to watch for unusual activity before an alert is even triggered. IT staff can also set limits on access attempts, preventing brute force attacks.

Event Manager adds value to an organization’s security infrastructure by delivering three key benefits:

  1. Enhanced Security – Businesses can better protect themselves and their customers from devastating data breaches by using advanced analysis and event correlation to identify threats before it’s too late.
  2. Reduced Alert Fatigue – Since Event Manager escalates only critical security events, IT staff will no longer need to waste time chasing unimportant alerts. Instead, security analysts can respond quickly and effectively to true threats.
  3. Simplified Compliance – Using both standard and custom compliance views, businesses can make sure they are meeting any necessary requirements. Compliance is made easy with Event Manager because it keeps records of all security events and documents any subsequent investigations into them, including notes for closed cases and reported incidents.


While there are multiple key capabilities that Event Manager provides to deliver these benefits, the following are especially noteworthy:

Powerful Integrations
Virtually every SIEM can monitor typical log or data sources like common operating systems. Event Manager has pre-configured templates for a long list of critical data sources like SWIFT and SIOPEL. The moment new sources are up and running, Event Manager is connected and gathering data. Additionally, Event Manager is able to easily build connectors for non-traditional application log streams. Default collection settings are flexible, so each data source can be tailored as needed.

Normalization of Disparate Data Sources
Because so many types of applications can be monitored, there are almost as many data formats. Most applications deliver raw data streams, which can be hard to read. Event Manager turns data into a common, readable format that security teams can quickly understand and analyze. Security analysts don’t need to understand the nuances of different operating systems, applications, databases, firewalls, or network appliances to know what the data means and what to do with it.

Security and Compliance Reporting
Event Manager has thorough reporting features that can be used for compliance audits and incident response, but also tracks and reports on security progress over time. It makes compliance mandate reviews uncomplicated with pre-built, fully searchable reports for regulations like PCI, GDPR, and SOX. Users can also generate any report needed with an intuitive interface to highlight an event, threat, or incident, creating opportunities for new types of analysis.

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Event Manager is delivered as software and supports on-premise, hybrid, and cloud installation and access.

While installation of Event Manager depends on the complexity of the customer’s network and systems being monitored, a typical initial deployment can be up and running in as little as two to three hours, and it is typically completed in less than two days.

Event Manager is licensed by monitored devices instead of data volume in either a perpetual or subscription model, making for a more predictable pricing model than offered by competitors.

Additionally, HelpSystems offers a freemium version of Event Manager, a self-service download that users can immediately access to start gaining insight into their environment. Users get all of the features of the paid version for a limited number of devices, making it an ideal option for smaller organizations who are still building their infrastructure and security portfolio.


HelpSystems customers confirm that Event Manager improves critical security event response times by consolidating information in one place, normalizing the data, and providing automated escalation of high priority events.

Research shows that 75% of SIEM users report the solution improved their ability to detect threats and 70% report they are able to detect security events within minutes or hours. These results are consistent with customer feedback for Event Manager.

“What I like about [Event Manager] is the flexibility it offers you to manage incidents proactively.”
– Philipe Bézamat, Systems and Information Director, MGF Logistique

“[Event Manager] allows me to cope with the security logging and monitoring required to have the production environment under control, mapping each event to the related incident, and raising alarms when required. With this setup in place, we make our environment a trusted one for critical business applications.”
– Jesus J., Director IT Risk & Security, Global Banking Organization


HelpSystems cybersecurity solutions help organizations build a multi-layered security environment. Their robust software and services find security vulnerabilities, guard system access, automate security processes, monitor activity, and simplify user management. More than 13,000 organizations around the world rely on HelpSystems to make IT lives easier and keep businesses running smoothly.

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