RaidForum that sells stolen credentials has been seized


United States government, in association with Europol, launched a secret operation named TOURNIQUET and as a part of this operation, it seized the IT infrastructure of the Raid-forums, a darknet website that sells and trades in stolen credentials from databases.

News is out that a 14-year-old started RaidForums in 2015 and was arrested by the Europol in January this year. His name is Diego Santos Coelho and is from Portugal.

The US Department of Justice, in coordination with a special team of officers from Europol, arrested the person behind the hacking forum that sells credit cards and email addresses, mostly.

Three domains hosting RaidForums have been seized and the officers are behind those who were in business contact with the forum for the past few months.

Estimates are in that the forum has so far sold over 10 billion records from stolen databases operating in North America.

For the past 15 months, the United States, in coordination with the law enforcement agencies of Portugal, Romania, Swede,n and the United Kingdom, was on a hunt for those behind RaidForums. And launched a TOURNIQUET secret operation to nab the culprits behind the forum that had about 500,000 users and making it the world’s biggest hacking forum.

Interestingly, RaidForums also charged fees like gaming companies and offered the special privilege of accessing dumped data having sensitive info such as social security numbers, bank credentials, card detail,s and details related to e-wallets storing cryptocurrency.

Coelho, who was operating the forum since 2015, was acting as a mediator between users and the hackers, so that the trading takes place as per an agreement.

Note- From the past few days, the URL is displaying a message saying RAIDForums have been seized by the FBI, United States Secret Service, and the Department of Justice as per the warrant issued by the Eastern District Court of Virginia.


Naveen Goud
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