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    Assured Imaging, a company that is based in Arizona, has notified its 244,813 patients that their data might have been accessed by hackers when they targeted the company’s server in May this year.

    As per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, Assured Imaging discovered that its servers were compromised with a file encrypting malware on May 19th, 2020 when some doctors were trying to access the patient’s medical records stored on the server.

    The company soon noted the incident and informed 3rd party Cybersecurity Experts to verify the impact of the incident on employees and the patients.

    A detailed investigation divulged by the experts revealed in July first week revealed that the threat actor fraudulently gained access to the records between May 15th-17 and then locked down the database from access with malware.

    Some patient data was reportedly stolen in the process and that includes medical histories, patient IDs, names, services given to the patients, testing records, contact details and other sensitive details like recovery and the medication listings.

    Although, the details of the ransomware variant that hit the Assured Imaging records are been withheld, double extortion related ransomware where hackers first steal records before launching the ransomware payload is suspected.

    NOTE-Usually, such practices are often seen in the malware spread by Maze, NetWalker and Sodinokibi/REvil ransomware spreading gangs.

    The other news that is trending on Google and related to Ransomware is the school system of Hartford Public School is reported to have been targeted by a malware related cyber attack disrupting the opening of the academic year for the students pursuing education in the entire school district.

    In a letter posted to all the parents, the staff of Hartford Public School stated that no in-person or online learning classes will be held in this week as the virus has taken down whole of the school’s digital systems on Saturday last week( September 5th,2020- Teachers Day).

    Luke Bronin, the Mayor of Hartford Public School confirmed that the attack was of Ransomware genre, as the hacker left an email address to contact with no ransom demand notice.

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