Ransomware attack news trending on Google

    First is the news related to a new ransomware variant named Lilith that struck its first victim early last week. Information is out that the Lilith Ransomware group stole the details of its victim before encrypting the entire database. And since the victim failed to pay a ransom, the Lilith group posted the details on its website to put pressure on the victim.

    According to research carried out by a security firm named Cyble, the new ransomware variant targeted a healthcare company and gave it just 3 days to pay the ransom.

    Researchers have also found that Lilith also closely resembles the public key of Babuk Ransomware, a file-encrypting malware operating under a RaaS model, and is hard to remove.

    Second is the news related to BlackCat Ransomware targeting Japan-based gaming company named Bandai Namco.

    A reliable source from the video game publisher admitted that a few of its systems were targeted by BlackCat Aka Alphv Ransomware on July 3rd this year and there is a good possibility of some data related to toys and hobbies might have been stolen by hackers

    As the incident is still under investigation, few details are being made available to the media.

    Third is a news related to a survey on data breaches linked to ransomware attacks because of the meltdown of cryptocurrencies and economic imbalances observed worldwide because of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

    In a report published by Identity Theft Resource Centre (ITRC), a 20% reduction in data breaches has been observed in malware attacks in the 2Q of 2022. However, phishing remained the number one cause of data breaches in 2022, occupied by Malware and brute force attacks thereafter.

    Weak passwords, stolen credentials, compromised infrastructure, payment card details, leaks and third-party access along with mobile device hacks at workplaces were causing most of the data breaches, along with system or human errors.


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