Ransomware attack on Auburn Food Bank


Auburn Food Bank of Washington has admitted that it has become a victim of a ransomware attack recently bringing its entire computer network to halt. The authorities have confirmed that only one PC on the network was safe from being encrypted and so is being used for the digital charity activities for time being.

Auburn Food Bank which is located in King County of Washington is known to provide food for the families and individuals residing in and around the Auburn School District.

At 2 am on June 5th of this year the non-profit organization was hit by a ransomware strain called GlobeImposter 2.0 making the files and emails inaccessible. A ransom amount in Bitcoins was demanded by the hackers in order to decrypt the files.

Debbie Christian, the director of Auburn Food Bank says that her team is not going to bow down to the hackers and will never pay the ransom, as suggested by the law enforcement agencies.

Prima Facie suggests that the alternative to retrieve the files through backups would be successful only if the infected equipment is replaced at a cost of $8000.

The organization which offers relief to destitute is encouraging the public to make a one-time donation to the food bank by this month end. Those who cannot support the cause on the financial note could volunteer their skills and time to the food bank by providing support in creating word and excel files all by working from home.

Naveen Goud
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