Ransomware attack on Canon DSLR Cameras


Canon DSLR Cameras which are renowned among professional photographers are said to be vulnerable to ransomware attacks over the air.

According to research conducted by a security professional named Eyal Itkin from CheckPoint, Canon EOS 80D DSLR cameras are susceptible to malware attacks due to a flaw in their image transfer protocol.

The security researcher argues that Canon brand DSLR cameras are suffering from six flaws discovered during the implementation of the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP). And these 6 flaws when exploited by hackers could lead to big trouble like deployment of any kind of malware on camera.

The problem erupts with wireless connections which connect to rogue Wi-Fi access. Or else, hackers can easily attack the camera through the computer it connects to.

Canon DSLR Camera vulnerability was discovered in March this year and CheckPoint validated it to the company in May’19.
After a lot of investigations, the two companies jointly worked on fixing the issue together.

Canon published an official advisory on the issue last week and has urged users ‘Region-wise’ to go for a firmware update to address the issue.

As per the source reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, a firmware update 1.0.3 is available since July 30 for those based in Europe. And for Asian and US customers the update has been made available since August 6th this year.

Note- Canon is a Japanese Multinational Company operating since 1937 from Tokyo and offering optical and imaging products to the world like Camcorders, cameras, photocopiers, steppers, computer printers and some equipment related to the medical field.

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