Ransomware Attack on City of Chateauguay


A Canadian province called the City of Chateauguay is said to be reining under the influence of a ransomware attack preventing employees of the city from working and holding some information as a hostage.


As the revelation of details might prevent the police from investigating, a representative of Pierre Paul Routhier has asked the city officials from disclosing anything to the media. However, multiple servers belonging to the Municipalities of the town located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada are reported to be disrupted.


A phishing email is said to be the cause of the incident and the attack was intended to extract a huge sum of money.


Highly placed sources confirm that the attack did not affect the town’s police or the fire department, the services are active and are within the reach of the city’s populace. However, the website of the city and the email services which act as the main communication stream between city workers is said to be severely affected. So, a team of IT experts has created temporary addresses to restore communication between the city’s populace.


Cybersecurity experts from the city of Ottawa have been pressed into service to investigate the incident and bring back the functioning of servers to normalcy.


Note- In a statement given to BBC, Pierre Paul Routhier, the city Mayor of Chateauguay said that whenever he is trying to open the system, he is seeing the name “ Ryuk” on the screen. And this means that the database of the city has been hit by RYUK Ransomware.


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