Ransomware attack on City of Shelby and suspected on Essilor Group


France based Essilor Group which is into the manufacturing of optical solutions and eye gear has made it official that it became a victim of a cyber attack on March 21st,2020. And highly placed sources say that the attack could be a ransomware variant as it has locked down several servers from access.

However, no official from Essilor has confirmed the news that it was a file-encrypting malware attack. But a source based on the condition of anonymity confirmed that it was a malware attack that was identified in time and contained.

The French Ophthalmic company said that it has immediately replaced new software and hardware firewalls in its server environment to prevent such incidents shortly.

More details are awaited!

Meanwhile, the officials from the City of Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina, United States are stating that they are slowly recovering from the ransomware attack which took last week.

Most of the disrupted systems are either shut down or have been shut down to contain the spread of the malware. And the investigation is going on to determine the extent of damage the file-encrypting malware has done to the IT Infrastructure.

The email communication has been shut down and as there is zero impact on financial services, employees are being assured that they will get their pay on time for this month.

Note- A Ransomware is a kind of malware that encrypts the files on a database until a ransom is paid in cryptocurrency. However, as the attack interface has evolved many times in the past two years, hackers are seen first stealing data and then encrypting the database. So that they can earn in either way if the victim fails to pay for the locked-up data by selling the stolen data on the dark web.

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