Ransomware attack on companies operating in Spain

    A ransomware attack is reported to have crippled the digital networks of several companies operating in Spain which includes Cadena SER Radio and Spain’s National Security Department. The disruption was huge as it has impacted a chain of local and countryside stations of the National Broadcaster severely.


    Highly placed sources from Cadena Ser’s Local Broadcasts say that digital communications were most affected by the ransomware attack and financial impact is yet to be determined.


    Aena, which is into airline business and KPMG Spain informed their followers on Twitter that their services were affected by the malware attack and might remain so for the next few days.


    Technology outlet Xataka, online news website El Confidential, and daily El Mundo admitted that their digital infrastructure was deeply impacted by the cyber attack. Everis, a data company in Spain has asked its employees to stay home until the incident has been sorted out.


    As of now, details about the ransomware variant which encrypted the databases are being kept under a secret. However, a source from Cadena SER Radio said that the malware could be of an RYUK or Bitpaymer variant and was probably distributed through a phishing email.


    NOTE 1- Ransomware is a kind of malware that encrypts data on an infected database and locks down its access until a ransom is paid.


    NOTE 2- Spain’s Department of National Security (DSN) has taken note of the incident and has started a probe to find out who’s behind the incident and their impulsive motive.

    Naveen Goud
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