Ransomware attack on Dish Network


A suspected cyber attack of ransomware genre has reportedly downed the entire websites, apps, and internal systems of American Television service provider Dish Network for the past two days and information is out that it could take at least a week or so to restore back the services to normalcy.

It is unclear whether the attack was of malware variant as the IT staff of the Dish Network are still investigating the outage that reached its 4th day yesterday.

Dish.com and Dish Anywhere app is unreachable and a message displayed on the home page states teams are working 24×7 to resolve the incident.

The worst scenario of this incident is that the customers of Dish TV services are finding it hard to establish contact with the customer support teams as the malware seems to have disrupted the network to the core.

Erik Carlsson is yet to acknowledge the digital incident but assured via his social media account that timely updates on the attack will be provided on Tuesday this week.

As dish logins are failing to establish a server contact, customers cannot sign into TV channel apps such as MTV and Starz.

Meanwhile, research carried out by a hacker on a separate note has discovered PureCrypter Malware encrypting the database of several government entities leading to information steal and ransomware spread incidents.

And according to her update, Dish TV might have become a victim of the malware campaign.

Presently, no information is out regarding the ransomware group that struck the American Television services provider. But a suspicious finger is pointing at the LockBit Ransomware group.


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