Ransomware Attack on Ferrari


    Ferrari, the luxury car maker, was recently hit by a ransomware attack that apparently led to data leak that is now being posted online on an installment basis. On the other hand, the Italian sports car maker has denied any digital attack on its servers and is still investigating on how the sensitive info leaked online.

    Corriera Della Sera, an Italian news resource, confirmed the attack and claims to possess evidence that internal data sheets, repair handbooks and some employee data account to 7GB of data was accessed and stolen by hackers, who are now posting them online.

    RansomEXX Group has taken claim of hacking the database of Ferrari in between Aug-Sept this year and as the car maker failed to pay the ransom, they are indulging in extortion tactics to pressurize the racing car producer.

    NOTE 1- Since the year 2020, RansomEXX has been highly prevalent on the dark web and has mainly targeted companies from the United States and Europe. As its binary is having ‘ ransom.exx” extension, it is being called as RansomEXX and is found to be infecting both Windows and Linux variants.

    NOTE 2- FBI and other law enforcement agencies across the world are urging the populace not to pay a ransom, if in case, they are targeted by a file encrypting malware. They are also asking the victims to report the incident to the police agencies so that the criminals behind the attack can be nabbed on time and the transaction that took place in cryptocurrency can be recovered.

    NOTE 3- Because of a rise in ransomware attacks, the value of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins and Monero has doubled and tripled in recent years.


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