Ransomware attack on Fujifilm

Fujifilm, a Japan-based company that has been dealing in various forms of photography-related produce for decades is in news for reportedly being attacked by ransomware. Yes, the company has shut down a part of its network to investigate the possibility of network disruption due to malware.


Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the Tokyo-based conglomerate was hit by a cyberattack on June 1st,2021 forcing its IT staff to shut down a certain section of the network to contain the incident.


The Incident response team has jumped into action and started an investigation on this issue and has assured us that it will reveal the incident details to the public once the forensic team ends their technical probe.


As a result of the attack, some email systems, and call communications were down due to the digital invasion resulting in the cancellation of some processing orders.


More details are awaited!


Note 1- Organizations operating in Japan are under a constant threat of being hit by hackers as on a recent note over 13 noted companies such as Toshiba, Yamabiko, and a business unit of Yamaha company were hit by DarkSide and Babuk Ransomware group.


Note 2- All these days, cyber crooks from certain Asian countries were found targeting businesses operating in the West. But now, they are seen targeting companies from India and Japan on an extreme note.


Note 3- It seems like May 2021 hasn’t gone well with companies operating in the United States as well. As many of the noted firms such as JBS Meat, Bose, and Fuel supplier Colonial Pipeline were also hit by the file-encrypting malware distributed by noted hacking groups.


Naveen Goud
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