Ransomware attack on New Mexico County and Intl Fisheries in Halifax


Ransomware menace seems to be a never-ending saga and the latest victim happens to be New Mexico County and International Fisheries Organizations of Halifax. Going with the first, servers related to Rio Arriba County were discovered to be having encrypted files and databases as a result of Ransomware attack early this week. And the bad news is that those spreading the file-encrypting malware have also managed to lock down the county’s backup servers from access.

Thomas Campos the manager of the County was not ready to issue a press update on this note. But a source close to him has admitted that most of the servers related to the county were reigning under the cyber attack.

Raymond Ortiz, the Information Technology Consultant has said that the attack was notified to the law enforcement and the insurance company which was covering the digital assets of Rio Arriba County under a cyber insurance cover.

In another incident related to Ransomware, an International Fishing Organization named the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization(NAFO) which manages to keep a count and stock of the fish caught in the international waters has reported having become a victim of a cyber attack.

The Halifax based organization stated in a press statement released yesterday that attack was discovered and notified to the stakeholders on May 24th of this year and the extent of the impact is yet to be known.

Lisa LeFort, a senior executive assistant to the executive secretary of NAFO stated that all the compromised servers were taken down and more details related to the attack will be provided shortly.

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