Ransomware attack on New Orleans Ernest N Morial Convention Center


Ernest N.Morial Convention Center which happens to be located in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States is in news for all wrong reasons. It is said that the convention center which has hosted several NBA and PFL Events was hit by a ransomware attack recently.


News is out that the digital services were severely affected at the Convention Center. However, the situation is said to be under the control of the IT staff as the file-encrypting malware has been contained.


Highly placed source report that New Orleans Ernest N.Morial Convention Center is under a cyber insurance cover and so most of the incurred costs from the cyber attack will be borne by the Cyber Risk Insurance Policy.


A source from the IT department of the Convention Center says that costs related to a data breach, response team actions, analysis, an investigation by 3rd party and remediation efforts will all be covered by the insurance policy and so not much of the financial damage is expected.


The staff of the New Orleans Ernest N.Morial Convention Center along with legal counsel members was quick to respond to the incident which minimized the impact.

Michael J Sawaya, the President of Ernest N.Morial Convention Center has confirmed the news and assured that the data recovery will be done at the earliest.


Note- The said convention center was built and named in honor of Ernest N Morial, the first African born American Mayor of 1992. As the center was located in New Orleans, the authorities renamed it as New Orleans Morial Convention Center in 2008 to emphasize its location stand.


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