Ransomware attack on Norwegian Ship yard results in job loss to many

    A Ransomware Attack on a Norwegian ship yard VARD might result in job loss as the company has sent text messages to many of its employees that the disruption might lead to the shut down of the ship building unit resulting in temporary job loss to many if necessary.


    According to the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, the job loss might be limited to the Vard’s Langsten ship building unit and might last for few weeks to a month.


    Highly placed sources say that the attack was of a ransomware variant which also led to a partial data breach. However, an investigation is underway on what type of data was accessed by hackers and the impact result.


    Kripos, the National Crime Investigation agency, a unit of Norwegian Police Service has been pressed into service to probe the incident as well as its repercussions.


    Note 1- Since VARD was going through a financial crunch, Fincantieri, a ship builder from Italy invested in it to bring back the operations to profits. Already an overhaul of people and operations was carried out by the Italian firm to restructure VARD on the profit scale and the proof was visible when Fincantieri released its first quarter earnings report in April 2020. Mostly Vard is into the business of building sophisticated fishing vessels and Wind Farm service operation vessels.


    Note 2- Nowadays, those spreading file encrypted malware dubbed Ransomware are seen first stealing data from the victimized database and then encrypting it on a formal note.

    Naveen Goud
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