Ransomware attack suspected in ECU Worldwide


ECU Worldwide, a leader that is into the business of logistics, is reported to have been targeted by a cyber attack and some suspects say that the attack could be of ransomware genre.

Tim Tudor, the CEO of ECU Worldwide, stated that the company has been hit by a cyber attack and so is facing disruptions from the past 48 hours. The website of the Belgium company remains inaccessible from the past four days and the IT staff is working 24×7 to restore the systems.

A third party IT services provider, that indulges in the business of Cybersecurity has been hired to get the systems back on track.

An inside source of ECU Worldwide stated that the cyber attack could have taken place on last weekend, making the servers inaccessible to the office employees from Sunday last week.

Mr. Tudor insisted that more updates on the cyber attack will be provided as soon as the investigation gets completed.

Note 1- A ransomware is a kind of malware that encrypts a database until a ransom is paid in cryptocurrency. However, whoever is indulging in such crime recently has been indulging in double extortion techniques where they first steal data and then encrypt the database until a ransom is paid. And if the victim fails to pay the demanded sum under circumstances, then the siphoned data will be sold on the dark web for monetary benefits.

Note 2- ECU that is into the business of transportation of goods and services is yet to confirm on whether it has become a victim of a ransomware attack.

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