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Honeywell, a firm that specializes in serving aerospace, energy and security with related equipment is in news for malware disruption and recovery. A spokesperson released a press statement yesterday and confirmed that the attack was a ransomware variant and the incident was contained finally with an in-house disaster recovery procedure.

A vulnerability on the Microsoft email exchange server is said to have led to the ransomware attack. But Honeywell has assured that no customer information was compromised in the incident.

Second, an Australia-based healthcare provider named Eastern Health is said to have become a recent victim of ransomware attack and highly placed sources say that the incident led to severe disruption of Information Technology Systems on March 16,2021.

Only critical patient care is being attended by the doctors, and all surgeries and services have been postponed to a later date.

As the Box Hill Hospital has an efficient business continuity plan in place, it is helping in offering required amount of care to patients.

Harris Federation that acts as a centralized platform for 49 schools in London is reported to have suffered a ransomware attack on Saturday last week. Email systems, phone communications and laptops given to Pupil have been deeply affected.

MangaDex website is down since March 17th,2021 and a report is that the company might take weeks to recover its content as it has become a victim of a ransomware attack. The website that offers Japanese literature inspired comic scripts and images has posted a statement on its website and stated that its staff is doing its best to bring back the site to life as soon as possible.

As per the sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the source code and data on the server have been compromised as the threat actors accessed the said content fraudulently. So, all users using Mangadex are being requested to change their passwords on an immediate note to avoid any digital future troubles.

Note- In all the above stated 4 instances, the ransomware variant that compromised the systems is yet to be made public.

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